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Pre-HSA Curriculum

All students who declare Health Services Administration as their major are initially placed into a pre-HSA curriculum. This curriculum includes the following.

ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting**
BIO 171 Human Anatomy
BIO 301 Human Physiology
CSC 104 or CIS 212 Basic Computer Course
INF 314 or CIS 230 Database Design or Business Applications of Computers
CMS 100 or CMS 210 Basic Communications Course
MAT 105 or MAT 114 College Mathematics Course
STA 215 or STA 270 Statistics Course
HSA 100 Introduction to the Health Science Field
HSA 200 Medical Terminology


Admission to the HSA Program

Admission to the last three semesters requires the following:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher

  • Completion of each course in the Pre-HSA curriculum with a grade of C or better after a maximum of two attempts.  Exception:  The following courses are indicators of student success in the program.  Therefore, no more than one of the following courses can be taken for a second attempt:  BIO 171, BIO 301; MAT 105; STA 215; ACC 201; and INF 314

  • Combined GPA of 3.0 or higher in the following courses:  HSA 100, 302, 303, 401; BIO 171, 301; STA 215

  • Completion of general education requirements (at least 75%)

Students who meet the minimum requirements will be accepted into the program within the enrollment limits determined by the faculty.

Note:  The Program reserves the right to accept only the best qualified applicants who meet the minimum requirements.

 Curriculum Pattern

First Semester (Courses open to any student with prerequisites)

HSA 303 (Medical Science)
HSA 302 (Organization and Management of Health Services)
HSA 401 (Legal Issues in Health Care)
MGT 301 (Principles of Management)

Second Semester (Open to HSA majors and minors only)

HSA 306 (Medical Coding)
HSA 370 (Health Information Mangement Systems)
HSA 411 (Professional Practice Experience I)
MGT 320 or POL 376 (Human Resource Management)

 Third Semester (Open to HSA majors and minors only)

HSA 375 (Health Services Administration)
HSA 406 (Quality Management)
HSA 409 (Research Methods)
HSA 412S (Professional Practice Experience II)
MKT 301 (Principles of Marketing)**

Fourth Semester (Open to HSA majors and minors only)

HSA 372 (Healthcare Reimbursement)
HSA 405 (Clinical Information System)
HSA 407 (Advanced Health Services Administration)
HSA 413 (Professional Practice Experience III)

**These courses are not required in the Ancillary Health Management option.

Minor in Health Services Administration

Students must complete: HSA 100, 200, 302, 303, 401, and 3 hours of approved HSA electives = 19 hours

Students may use any additional HSA course to satisfy the 3-hour elective.  The only exceptions to this policy are the professional practice experience courses (HSA 411, 412S and 413).  These courses are only taken by students majoring in Health Services Administration.

Note:  Some HSA courses require additional prerequisite courses beyond HSA 100, 200, 302, 303, and 401.  Students obtaining a minor in Health Services Administrion must satisfy all prerequisites associated with any given course prior to admission. 

For a complete list of courses and prerequisites, see the Course Descriptions.

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